Proxybot - A Turf Project

What is Proxy Bot meant to do? Say you have valuable things in your cold wallet that have utility but don’t want to risk connecting it to a website. Well this lets you connect a hot wallet instead while getting the benefits from your cold wallet.

What do I need to get this set up? You will need two wallets - one will be your vault and the other used to mint proxy tokens/sign-in. The sign-in wallet should have a little bit of eth for gas to mint (the mint itself is free) though you can mint from any wallet really. We recommend never connecting your vault to any contracts or sites other than to transfer things in and out.

Does this mean you can take my NFTs?The connection between wallets is a superficial one. It’s more like a redirect in that it doesn’t grant any control to the hot wallet - just points to the contents of the cold wallet.

What’s this service gonna cost me?For the time being we provide this service for free, just pay the cost of gas to mint the proxy token.

What makes this better than alternatives?Although there are other platforms that do a similar thing we wanted a solution that didn’t require you to ever connect your cold wallet to our site. With our method you only have to transfer the proxy token from your cold wallet which proves ownership.

Can you hack me?Nope, the entire point of proxy bot is to completely remove any direct connection of your cold wallet from our site. No need to trust us, you just have to trust the basic functionality of moving an airdropped token.

Can I change the hot wallet?Yes! Whatever wallet your valid proxy bot token is in will be connected. So if you want to move the token to a different wallet simply transfer the proxy token and it will update.

How do I add Proxy Bot to my own project?It’s really as simple as checking the inventory of connected wallets for a proxy token and then in the metadata there will be an ID for a connected cold wallet. Simply refer to the contents of the cold wallet! More info in our data pamphlet.

What if I lose my hot wallet?You can only connect your cold wallet to one other wallet at a time, so if you mint a new proxy token and transfer it then all of the previous proxy tokens from that cold wallet will auto void.

Can someone mint a proxy token to my wallet?Sure, they can but it’d be like air dropping a free NFT. This is just a waste of their money and they gain no benefit since you can just ignore the token, destroy it, or even use it.

What if I don’t want to use proxy bot anymore?If you want to destroy the proxy token transfer it to the blackhole wallet 0x...000000dEaD and we’ll void it.